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Saving the world, one robot at a time

And the Dutch version of Inspiring 50

Nice that they decided to include me in the Dutch version of Inspiring Fifty as well. Although I can’t help feeling it’s a group of inspiring 50 year olds…

50 most inspirational women in tech

50 most inspirational women in tech, in Europe.

Somehow I made it on the list…

Keynote at ICAART

Will give the keynote at ICAART in february 2017, in Porto

Visiting Vice-Prime Minister Asscher

Monday 4 April Stefano Stramigioli and I visited Minister Asscher (social affairs) to talk about Robotics in the Netherlands. Asscher

Dennis @ ZAPP LIVE!

Dennis Reidsma appeared in ZAPP live, a popular kids tv show and talked about our work on the EASEL project.(episode 30, part 4). Nice Dennis!!

In the media recently

Robot SPENCER in Vision and Robotics

About Leo in Linkmagazine

In Engineersonline


Here’s the vid

Here’s the article in Dutch

Royal Society of Engineers award: Some fotos

On Feb 17, I received a prize which looks a bit like a medal of Honour from the Dutch Royal Society of Engineers for the work that we do at HMI and how we reach the general public with our work. Here are a few fotos of receiving the prize and talking with ex-Queen-now-princess Beatrix and Princess Mabel. Queen Beatrix, sorry Princess Beatrix looks a little stern at me in this foto but I can assure you she was very kind and knowledgable about robotics.

Tonight at the New Scientist Cafe

Together with David Abbink and Heorge Hall I am giving a talk in relation to the New Scientist issue on robotics: In Amsterdam:

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