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Busy days at the Tallinn Heads of State Digital Summit!

We went to the Tallinn Digital summit last week with our DE-ENIGMA H2020 project. Various European Heads of state interacted with our robot. The DE-ENIGMA robot is developed to help autistic children explore social and emotional skills.



A new robot!!

Meet our new Robot Squirrel, it’s a robot developed in the context of the Squirrel H2020 project.  PhD student Cristina Zaga will carry out research into child robot collaboration with it. Ooh and aah over the arm and hand that can be stowed away to ensure safety. Love the one-eye-one-armedness of this new bot. squirrelbot


At the Amsterdam Light Festival!!

Students of the DesignLab and I, together with artist Randy van Lingen represent Twente this year at the Amsterdam light festival. What we made is SOOO awesome, everybody is going to be blown away..

Our students, with teamleader Edo deWolf are THE BEST!



various interviews/talks lately

Article in Sigma online, 24 November, as part of my:

talk at the conference of process-managers in Arnhem, the Netherlands, 17 November

An article in ‘de ondernemer‘ on women losing their jobs to robots more then men, 7 november.

Gave a talk at the UNI Global Union, meeting of the national union, in Switzerland 15 November.

Gave a talk at World 50, an executive community, New York, 27 October.

Mentioned in right brain, a tech blog by Nicole van Ladesteijn, 11 october

An article in RTLZ, a business news channel, 4 october, on robot babies

We were part of the Dutch Design Week, Mind the Step exhibit in Eindhoven in october.

I gave a talk at re-invent, a congres for young managers in Rotterdam, 1 October

I gave a talk at Gogbot, an art and tech festival in Enschede, 8-11 September

An article in Sigma online from 8 September in Dutch, robots to improve our lives.


Bizarre: I am in Harper’s Bazaar..

Well, I had a full on fashion model fotoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar…(It was as part of their women of the year issue, the super- Marlou van Rhijn won the award!)

If only I knew as a girl that to make it in modelling was to study computer science…..


Gala van de Wetenschap

24 November was the Gala of Science in the stadschouwburg in Amsterdam. It was an amazing event! The whole theatre was sold out, I talked there together with scientists like Hans Clevers, Robert Dijkgraaf and Eric Verlinde.eric.jpg

Verlinde explained his theory of gravity, a historic moment!


Global Union Speech

I gave a talk at the Global Union Meeting in Zwitserland. Watch the lecture here:

Televised Lecture for the university of the Netherlands

I gave a lecture on TV, it was nerve wrecking! Great to be asked though and lots of people saw it (well people that know me, mostly..).


Tonight on Dutch kids tv

In Zapp, the Netherlands in 2050. Of course about robotics in 2050.It’s in Dutch on a Dutch tv channel. Just so that you know. But all the kids should check it out!

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