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December 2015

29 Dec article in Intermediar

An article in Intermediar on why people may be scared of robots with some of my comments in it and an explanation about how difficult it is to get these suckers running properly for even just a week, let alone take over the world.

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Will be speaking at the next Women summit

I think it’s a summit about women and leadership or impact. Not the next woman as in ‘the next woman your husband will be dating’. Fingers crossed..

Yes, I have become a board member type person

Press release of my new Position as Member in the Supervisory Board of the Open University. I am going to do my utmost to help the OU come out on top.

12 Dec Article in magazine Elsevier

A big fat article on our research in Elsevier magazine (nothing to do with the scientific publisher!). I always thought the magazine was a tiny bit right wing conservative but the journalist was really great and I am happy to know that right wing conservative people now also are aware of the great work we do on social robotics! Welcome to the dark side, we have smiling social robots:)

foto Vanessa 1024nieuw

Vicky in the UTnewspaper with EASEL

Vicky was interviewed about the EASEL EU project in the UT newspaper! #proud supervisor

Article in Intermediar

Intermediar (a magazine for students interviewed me in this article about our research in robotics and also whether robots may influence job security.


Article in Metro News Paper

Today, Spencer was discussed in an article in the Metro Newspaper for commuters.b78cc29c8209e0f96ca3b740308a5251-1449075675 (1)

With Spencer Robot, testing at Schiphol airport!

Were integrating Spencer and testing technology at Schiphol. Spencer is coming soon to help you transfer from gate to gate!IMG_4859

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