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November 2015

14 november 2015 in Parool

Dutch Newspaper article on who my heroes are (In no particular order Pamela Hinds, Clifford Nass, Terry Winograd and Bob Wielinga)


Article in New Scientist

In New Scientist this week. A question about who are my hero’s:

Bob WielingaTerry Winograd, Cliff NassPamela Hinds, in no order of importance! (miss u Cliff)

Research Projects accepted for Robotics at UT

A press release for the robotics groups at the University of Twente, joined together in LEO centre of service robotics. All because we got a nice bunch of projects accepted, go UT!

Great workshop about Kids and Robots at ICSR Paris

Last week, Cristina Zaga and Manja Lohse of our group gave a great workshop and the International Conference on Social Robotics in Paris. Daphne Karreman and Michiel Joosse also presented their work on the FROG and SPENCER projects.IMG_6888 (1)

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