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January 2015

video message for the girls/women in science and Technology day in NL

The thnx day was 19 Jan 2015

here’s the video (in Dutch)

Started the year with a prize from my University

Nice to receive a UT in the Media prize on 5 January as well as fellow prize winners Sartak Misra and Renske van Wijk. The prize is for people who have brought science and the University to the attention of the general public. At first I was a bit doubtful about it and I thought I would rather have ‘the most cited paper’ award. But even though talking about science and social robotics in the media is not scientifically peer reviewed, it is still the best way to inform people of what we are doing. They are the taxpayers so I hope they think I have spent the money wisely on important breakthroughs in human robot interaction!ut media prijs

Participated in the Dutch National Science Quiz

I participated in the Scientists panel against green entrepreneurs that was broadcasted on Dutch national tv 28 December. I became second.. I had a good run but the last question about how many braincells a human brain consists of…

You can watch it here

More info (in Dutch) here

B5-wetenschapsquiz 2014

Article in Vrij Nederland (Dutch Public Opinion Magazine) Christmas Issue dec 2014

vrij nederland 2014

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