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March 2015

Interview at BNR eyeopeners about Designlab

A short interview 16 March at BNR news radio about the designlab and robot research.


Joined IFIP as a member

Joined IFIP, here’s the press release from the platform of IT professionals

Daniel and Randy in Willem Wever children’s tv program!

Daniel Davison, Jan Kolkmeijer and Randy Klaassen showed FROG and EASELin the tv show Willem Wever.

Watch it here, it starts around 14.20 into the programwever

Article in FNV Women Magazine 2 mar 2015

I’m asked/hoping to inspire girls to choose technical careers. It’s in Dutch of course and it has my soppy life story in it, from rags to (scientific) riches!

fnv fnv stukje

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