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February 2016

In New Scientist nr 31 2016



A Prize!

It turns out that 16 March I will be given the Academic Society Award from the KIVI Engineering Society.  It is a prize for public outreach rather than academic achievement but I am happy with the prize nonetheless. Because it shows that the work of all the hardworking people of our group has societal impact. You will just have to believe me when I say it is of high academic quality also! Thank you to all the brilliant scientists at HMI, this prize is really for you. Nice detail: former Queen Beatrix will be at the award ceremony!


In the media recently

Here is a grab bag of media appearances and events related our work in Social Robotics lately:

The innovation summit by The Next women and Opzij, 23 April

In magazine ‘De hersenstichting’ (magazine for donors to brain research), feb 2016

In the Jury of the Dutch Radical Innovators context, Feb 2016

Interview in QUOTE nl, Jan 2016

Mention in NOS Dutch News site, Jan 2016

Interview for  Randstad, Jan 2016

Joined the Society for Responsible Robotics as Executive Board Member, Jan 2016

Mentioned in the Dutch Financial Times, Jan 2016

Mentioned in Magazine ICT& Health, Jan 2016

In local tv news program RTV Oost, Jan 2016



Video of the session in Davos

Anybody who is interested can find the sessions on ‘the rise of social robotics’ and ‘building and Intelligent Machine’ here:

The session video

The Issue Briefing

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