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September 2014

Talk on Social Robotics at

30 September 14.00 I gave a talk at the World of Technology and Science in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht on Social Robotics


On Radio1 30 September 2014, 10.15

At (point of view nl) to respond to the Minister of Labour’s address that robots are bad for employment. I think robotic technology will change jobs, apart from taking over certain tasks they also offer opportunities.

Move over Game of Thrones, FROG is popular in Seville

FROG gave a tour for the press in Sevilla. It’s on the National News Channels and Regional Channels

photo 2 (10)

Michiel gave the radio interviews back at home during FROG’s coming out

On Dutch Public Radio, Local Radio, and Qmusic




Article in New Scientist on the DesignLab!

jet bussemaker

The NPO2 Documentary on robots in Japanese society was on TV!

Yesterday, Tuesday 16 September, I was in an NPO documentary ‘Altijd Wat’ on innovation. We went to Japan with a camera crew to investigate robots in Japanese society. We visited great colleagues such as Hiroshi Ishiguro and Takayuki Kanda. You can watch it here (in Dutch/English/Japanese).

Altijd Wat Innovatie: robots in Japan afbeelding


In a Boston Globe article on whether robots can be too nice!

Love this article Leon Neyfakh wrote (and not just cause he mentions me!) on personalities for smart machines.

An old one in LINDA on Mart Smeets not understanding why I studied Computer Science

This article in Linda. (A Dutch glossy magazine for..I think women of all ages or so?) is still about my appearance last year on Pauw &Witteman. Mart Smeets (sportsjournalist) had a hard time understanding why I was doing computer science. Linda. magazine thought this was a dinosaur thing to say. If you can read Dutch, you can read this:

The DESIGNLAB is Open!

1 September we opened the new DesignLab at the UT. It’s really great, we’re very proud. It’s the first centre dedicate to multidisciplinary collaboration with government and industry partners and getting inspired by the latest scientific results while designing solutions with real societal impact.

The minsiter Jet Bussemaker was there to open it, Daan Roosegaarde gave the first lecture, great start!

jet and jan

designlab opens


designlab chijs bussemaker
Here are some foto’s and links to the media talking about it:

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