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February 2009

And even more happy news!

Our submission for CHI 2009 in the category notes, has received a Best of CHI award. The paper is:  “Awareness, training and trust in interaction with adaptive spam filters”, by H.Cramer, V.Evers, M. van Someren and B. Wielinga.

This is what the award nomination said:

“Your paper has been chosen for a best of CHI 2009 Award. An award for best note indicates that the reviewers and the award jury judged your note to be one of four notes at CHI2009 demonstrating work of the highest quality. Your award will be indicated in the advanced and final conference programmes to draw conference attendees’ attention to the high quality of your work.”

More happy news!

Our short paper for Human Robot Interaction 2009:
Wang, L., Rau, P.l., Evers, V., Robinson, R., Hinds, P. Responsiveness to Robots: Effects of Ingroup Orientation & Communication Style on HRI in China.
has been nominated for Best Paper!

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