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September 2015

Mentioned in an article for Trouw newspaper 20 September

I was mentioned in an article on ‘My robot and me’ for the Dutch newspaper trouw. Also mentioned was the Spencer EU project.

Daphne in the Newspaper Trouw with FROG! 19 September

A really nice article about Daphne Karreman in the newspaper Trouw! #proudsupervisor


Article in commuter newspaper METRO 15 September 2015

An article about robots in society (in Dutch) in the Dutch free commuter newspaper METRO

metro 15 sep 2015 ve

Nono Groenen won the youngblood award at GOGBOT this year

I was in the jury of GogBot youngbloods award for upcoming artists this year at GOGBOT festival and Nono Groenen won 

with his interactive installation which explores shapes and people’s attention.youngblood

Article in 75 anniversary issue VN (Vrij Nederland) on the future

Yesterday 9 September I was nr 4 to give a view on the future in 75 years, together with 75 innovators (all big names!, I feel honoured).

Everybody knows you should only give predictions for the time after you are dead because that way nobody can laugh at you anymore. So, I dared it (in Dutch). Vrij Nederland is a public opinion magazine in the Netherlands and came into existence as a secret ‘Liberate Netherlands’ newspaper during the second world war.  Michiel Hulshof wrote the article, I read a lot of his work and I think he is a really good science journalist.


Keynote at RSS 2015 13-17 July, Rome

I gave a keynote talk at the super prestigious conference Robotics Science and Systems, 14 July in Rome on Social Robotics. Really enjoyed the conference and sincerely hope to return.IMG_7432

7 September A radio interview at BNR related to the article by Anouk Vleugels

Today is my birthday! I had a radio interview at BNR related to the article by Anouk Vleugels (see earlier post)

All about what it is like to have a robot in your home.

1 September, In newspaper NRC

An article by Anouk Vleugels in the Dutch NRC Newspaper, she spend a week with Nao at home and reported her experience and our discussion about it.

1 sept NRC

Gave a talk at the HRI SummerSchool 27 August 2015

I gave a talk at the HRI summerschool in Aland, Finland (25-28 August) this year. It was a great Summerschool because there was a crowd of PhD students from vary different backgrounds and they got a whole lot done! I also enjoyed the now infamous mosquito party at Bungalow nr 31. Next year in Twente?

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