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April 2014

17 April at ZappLive! A children’s tv show in the Netherlands

An item on social robots at ZappLive, Michiel Joose joined and thanks to him the robots worked seamlessly once again!photo 1 (2) photo 2

Wednesday 16 April I will give a Studium Generale talk in the evening on the relationships between people and robots

Person and Robot, A happy Marriage…?

Article in Technisch Weekblad 11 April 2014

Daphne Karreman, Michiel Joosse and Jan Broenink as well as our King and our campusrobot present!

One about our campusrobot and another on the new centre for Science, Design and Creativity at UT

4 october 2014, Article in het Parool

Here is an article in the Parool, a Dutch (I guess kind of populist) Newspaper. It concerns a response to the comments of our Minister of social affairs and employment, Lodewijk Asscher who warned that robots may be taking in jobs.

Parool october 2014

Forgot this news article from 11 january in Volkskrant..have to try and be semi-complete

Here’s the full article in the Volkskrant of 11 January 2014, in Dutch..
volkskrant interview april
Another one I forgot, an article in KIJK magazine


On the Dutch tv show “Pauw en Witteman” 4 April 2014

Thursday 4 April, I was on the late night show “Pauw en Witteman“, not alone of course, other guests included Mart Smeets (a sportswriter) and Jan Kees de Jager (ex-minister of Finance). Michiel Joosse, Daphne Karreman, Roelof de Vries and Joao Freire helped me with all the technology. The whole show, Just my part.pauw en witteman



The FROG helped the KING of the Netherlands open a UT campus building!

A big event on 3 April! Our super-nice King of the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander opened the Gallery building on the campus (where our new Science2Design centre will be located!)  and campusrobot FROG was there to welcome him!

king me frog, Headlines 24, Tubantia..

Also in the SPITS (free public transport newspaper)

tubantia 2 april campusrobot koning


And in the local paper Tubantia

spits 3 april koning frog

Article on Robots ‘taking over’ with my two cents included 25 March 2014 Here it is

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