Very much inspired by the work of Cliff  Nass and Terry Winograd the research I do focuses on finding fundamental relationships between humans and interactive technology. We are interested both in understanding of human psychology, social psychology and  cultural differences in behaviour and in making innovative interactive devices that are the practical results of our findings.

The specific domains we focus on are:

  • User interaction with adaptive, autonomous and learning systems.
  • Cross-cultural interaction design
  • Human-Robot Interaction, particularly robots as social actors and embodied entities.
  • Human-Car/home Interaction, particularly the interaction with autonomous cars/spaces, embodied interfaces in cars/homes, interaction with the sensory car/home environment.
  • Mobile Interfaces, social interaction with mobile phones, location-based interaction,  and distributed sensing.
  • User Modelling, including emotion, social behaviour, and
  • Innovative Interfaces such as voice, gesture, interactive surfaces  and augmented reality.

Current funded projects:

SPENCER EU7th Framework project on a socially capable autonomous robot in airports

ACCOMPANY EU7th Framework project on a robot for elderly re-ablement in the home

FROG EU 7TH Framework project on an interactive robot guide for outdoor tourism

ICIS-CHIM EU sixth Framework project Interaction with intelligent Systems in Crisis response

DIADEM EU seventh framework project Human interaction with mobile autonomous agents in distributed sensor networks.

Current Postdoc researchers:

Dr. Manja Lohse

Current PhD students:

Jose Gallego Perez

Daphne Karreman

Brend Wanders


Previous PhD students

Henriette Cramer (PhD) now at Yahoo! research

Marcel Heerink (PhD) now at Windesheim Hogeschool