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Saving the world, one robot at a time

A Special Issue of the University’s Magazine about the DesignLab

Read all about it here


Article on UNESCO meeting on “the robot revolution”

Where Peter Paul Verbeek, Marc Coekelberg and I were part of the panel. It can be found here

UNESCO Meeting on Robotics and AI

7 Dec 2017. Prof. Peter Paul Verbeek and I gave a talk and participated in discussion at the UNESCO assembly. A video was also made.

Bright Minds Episode

With me, on social robots..


Featured in article in New York Times

On women in Technology

Featured in an Article in the Seattle Times

On careers for women in Tech

Busy days at the Tallinn Heads of State Digital Summit!

We went to the Tallinn Digital summit last week with our DE-ENIGMA H2020 project. Various European Heads of state interacted with our robot. The DE-ENIGMA robot is developed to help autistic children explore social and emotional skills.


A new robot!!

Meet our new Robot Squirrel, it’s a robot developed in the context of the Squirrel H2020 project.  PhD student Cristina Zaga will carry out research into child robot collaboration with it. Ooh and aah over the arm and hand that can be stowed away to ensure safety. Love the one-eye-one-armedness of this new bot. squirrelbot


I Joined the Ethical Advisory Board of the Human Brain Project

It is such an insanely HUGE project, they want to understand and near replicate the human brain! Amazing to be part of it.

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