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December 2014

Special issue on Women in Science

Article in UT magazinespecial UT magazine

FROG final Review!

The FROG project had its final Review by the EU. Our reviewers Owen Holland and Sven Banke and they put our poor FROG through some tough tests (and so did the visitors). But FROG did really well. Commissioner (now ex-commissioner) Neelie Kroes gave us a thumbs up for the project!photo 4 (3)photo 2 (11) photo 3 (9)

OPZIJ talent award

I won! The OPZIJ talent award. The award is to highlight the work of an upcoming influential female professional. Neelie Kroes and Minister Asscher were there and I received a lot of attention, thanks for the prize!

photo 1 (13) photo (27)

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Emerce E-day Talk

I gave a talk on 6 November at the EMERCE E-day about robots in everyday life. Daniel and Michiel came along with FROG. (26)

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