Article in Sigma online, 24 November, as part of my:

talk at the conference of process-managers in Arnhem, the Netherlands, 17 November

An article in ‘de ondernemer‘ on women losing their jobs to robots more then men, 7 november.

Gave a talk at the UNI Global Union, meeting of the national union, in Switzerland 15 November.

Gave a talk at World 50, an executive community, New York, 27 October.

Mentioned in right brain, a tech blog by Nicole van Ladesteijn, 11 october

An article in RTLZ, a business news channel, 4 october, on robot babies

We were part of the Dutch Design Week, Mind the Step exhibit in Eindhoven in october.

I gave a talk at re-invent, a congres for young managers in Rotterdam, 1 October

I gave a talk at Gogbot, an art and tech festival in Enschede, 8-11 September

An article in Sigma online from 8 September in Dutch, robots to improve our lives.